Trivium Quadriviumque Corp. (TQCorp) is a corporation that is involved in several digital projects. In some of these, TQCorp is the majority shareholder, while in others, it owns minority shares that allow it to disseminate its experience in the communication and digital technology sector.

Trivium Quadriviumque Corp. bases its experience on the development of digital content in several languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and its widespread distribution, obtaining millions of daily visits, due to its knowledge of social networks and new content distribution channels, such as its experience in SEO and quality content, as well as the positioning of several of these projects, leaders in their sector.

TQCorp’s brands are present worldwide and have millions of followers on the main social networks.

Leading digital projects in its sector

Experts in networks and SEO content

Millions of daily visits

Experts in networks and SEO content

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